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Timetable for Alternative Economy Cultures

maaliskuu 26, 2009

Finally were getting things online regarding Alternative Economy Cultures at PixelACHE -festival. Here’s the timetable and we’re also working on adding full transpaency of how much money and type of value is going through the organisation of such an event (and how much we still need to pay for the speakers…).

Anyhow heres the schedule for the friday:

Alternative Economy Cultures -seminar

Friday 3rd April, PixelACHE Helsinki Festival 2009

FRIDAY 03.04  MORNING 10.00-12.00
Venue: Kiasma Theatre
KEYNOTES (45 mins each + Q&A)

  • Michael Albert (US): ’Participatory Economics (Parecon)
  • Michel Bauwens (BE/TH): ’Peer to Peer Economies and the Revolution in Values’

—–lunch 60mins—–

FRIDAY 03.04  AFTERNOON 13.00-18.00

Venue: Kiasma Theatre until 16.00, Seminar room afterwards.

13.00: RURAL/LOCAL CULTURAL HERITAGE KEYNOTE (30mins)  Tapani Köppä (FI): ’Remarks on rural co-operation in Finland’

13.30: RESEARCHING THE FIELD (20mins each + Q&A)
Oliver Ressler (AT): ’Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies’

14.00: Tere Vaden (FI): ’Notes on the Sustainability of Open Source and P2P Practices’
——15min break——-

15.00: REMIX & COPY ECONOMIES (20mins each + Q&A)

Felix Stalder (AT): ’Economies of the Remix’

Sara Sajjad (SE): ’Fried Sparrows: world domination in a swarm’
——15min break——-

16.30: APPLIED ACTION AND DESIGN (15-20mins each including Qs) Wojtek Mejor (PL): ’Warszawa Gratis’
Saija-Riitta Sadeoja (FI): ’Porkkanamafia: from a mob to an institution’

Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FI): ’Uuva: yet an other monetary project’

Kristoffer Lawson (FI): ’Scred: virtual companies and managing money for communities’

Geraldine Juarez (MX):  ’Tanda Foundation: apply, donate, create’

SUNDAY 05.04  AFTERNOON 15.00-17.00
Venue: Demos FI office (Laivurinkatu 41)
Hosted by Andrew Paterson & Roope Mokka
This is a conversation-based workshop introducing Tanda Foundation’s experience, Scred, Suomen
Verkkomaksut, in relation to the practice of peer-fundraising for NGOs and Social Entrepreneurship.
Based on alt.econ.cult seminar peer-fundraising in collaboration with Demos Finland, February-March
Geraldine Juarez (MX):  ’Tanda Foundation: apply, donate, create’
Kristoffer Lawson (FI): ’Scred’
Lennu Keinänen (FI): ’Suomen Verkkomaksut’
Michel Bauwens (BE/TH): ’P2P funding’

Aleksi Aaltonen (FI/UK)

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